Calmaclass Toolkit (School Access)



This easy to use toolkit has a range of short exercises to play to your class to bring some instant calm.

This library of exercises helps students to understand their own minds, consciously recognise their emotions, improve and regulate their attention span and so maximise their personal and academic potential.

Meet your school’s Mental Health goals with a regular routine of daily relaxation and mindfulness exercises to get your pupils brain-ready and more able to listen and learn.

The Online Toolkit includes exercises in these categories:

  • Quick Brain Breaks
  • After Break/Recess
  • Transition Pauses
  • Mindful Moments
  • Lunchtime Coolers
  • After Lunch Tamers
  • Circle Time Callers
  • PE Peace Makers
  • Mindful Activities
  • Test Stress Buster


Access to Online Toolkit for 12 months (with annual subscription thereafter)