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  • Research-based mindful and relaxation techniques
  • Sensory awareness exercises
  • Physical and mental exercises
  • Peer/self massage
  • Visualisations
  • Stretching and breathing exercises
  • Positive affirmations 

Exercises are designed to help pupils to develop a range of physical and emotional skills that will enhance their personal and academic skill whilst supporting their emotional health and wellbeing.

Calmaclass encourages pupils to stop and take mindful brain breaks during the day, so allowing them to increase their brain power, concentration and improve learning. 

It aims to support your pupils to build good emotional health through relaxation, meditation and values-based learning.

Teachers can now easily access a toolkit of mindful exercises that can be used before and after break and lunchtimes, during transitions, circle time and those moments where the whole class needs to cool down.

Whilst other educational programmes can cater to improving the analytical left brain, Calmaclass is a creatively oriented right-brain approach to mindfulness that encourages students to get in touch with core personal values of self-worth, happiness, kindness and gratitude.

Our exercises can help get your pupils into a relaxed state where they are ready to learn.

The Calmaclass programme works on the integration of the left and right brain.


Increase concentration, focus and attention

Support all classroom management problems

Improve listening and social and communication skills

Build sustainable strategies to manage stress and anxiety

Help pupils identify and manage emotions

Reduce negative thinking and behaviour

Aid self-control, emotions and conflict resolution

Equip pupils with simple behaviour management strategies

Improve learning and school performance

Reduce anxiety, bullying and peer pressure

Improve positive thinking, confidence and self-esteem

Help pupils who have experienced loss or separation, life changes and traumatic events


Pioneered children’s meditation with a child-friendly system

Tried and tested for over 2 decades working with schools, teachers, parents and pupils

Over 5 million children and young people supported through our extensive resources, classes or classroom exercises

Worked with a wide variety of organisations, academies, charities and Councils

Extensive library of books, audios and emotional support packs to enhance pupils continued wellbeing 

Excellent feedback from teachers, educational physiologists, SENCOs, Local Authorities, Primary Health Care Trusts and Charities


Before using these exercises in schools across the County of Durham, 98% of pupils scored low on their relaxation levels and high on hyperactivity

After 6 sessions, 85% of pupils reported that they felt more calm and relaxed

98% of pupils enjoyed the exercises ands wanted to continue


In a 3 YEAR PILOT 2006-2009 Sylvester Primary School in Knowsley reduced their fixed term exclusions from 19 to zero after using daily Relax Kids exercises.
Relax Kids was used as a whole school approach. There were short daily relaxation sessions throughout the day, weekly relaxation classes and lunchtime classes, after school Relax Kids clubs, daily class affirmations and special Relax Kids events during Health Week and schools Friendship Week.
Two relaxation rooms were created and in every class pupils’ overall level of emotional literacy rose and the number of incidents has fallen, and parents and teachers have reported healthier and happier children.
Using the NFER Emotional Literacy Assessment and Intervention tool, Sylvester Primary School was able to directly measure the impact of their approach to the social and emotional aspects of learning since introducing Relax Kids.
After Relax Kids 3 year pilot, 91% of pupils in the school scored average, above average or well above average on their overall level of emotional literacy on the NFER scale. The school also measured a dramatic improvement in pupil behaviour. The number of serious behaviour incidents, including aggressive or violent behaviour, or serious disrespect halved in the first year, halved again the following year and continued to fall in the final year of the pilot. Incidents of repetitive low-level disruptive behaviour also fell by 20%.
Knowsley Education Authority were so impressed with the results, Relax Kids was introduced to all 57 schools in the Borough.

After, OFSTED gave the school an ‘Outstanding’ for emotional well-being, personal development and pastoral care


How quickly can we integrate Calmaclass in our classroom?

The exercises can be accessed online or in your toolkit. Go to the section you need ie Brain Breaks or Lunchtime Coolers and use them instantly by reading them out.

Is Calmaclass suitable for Special Needs?

Calmaclass is an inclusive programme. It has not been specifically created for Special Needs but we have had teachers who work in with Special Needs and Additional Needs use and adapt the exercises to best fit their pupils. All the exercises are very versatile and adaptable and give teachers a good toolkit of exercises for a range of school situations.

Is Calmaclass suitable for Secondary Schools?

Calmaclass has been designed for Primary Schools. Calmaclass Plus is more suitable for Secondary schools and will be available shortly.

Our school has a very small budget, what do you recommend?

We have a range of Relax Kids books, audios and packs that can be purchased at prices between £10 and £20 per item.

Do you offer workshops for pupils?

Yes, we have a team of trained Relax Kids coaches who can offer our unique wellbeing and relaxation classes for both pupils and teachers. Please email with your postcode/area and we will find a local coach.

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